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How You Can Buy SHIBA INU Coin?

Shiba Inu (SHIB) coin is the decentralized crypto currency which was created by Ryoshi group in August 2020. SHIB has its own decentralized exchange known as ShibaSwap. The user can buy Shina Inu Coin from different crypto currency exchanges such as Uniswap, eToro, Coinbase, Voyager,, Binance and ShibaSwap. In this blog, you will read the method to buy SHIBA INU coin from Decentralized Exchange and Centralized Exchange.

Method to Buy SHIBA INU Coin from Centralized Exchange:

Centralized exchanges help the users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies by using other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies such as US dollar. Binance is the reliable centralized exchange in the world.

 Buy SHIBA INU Coin from Binance:

1. First, you should register your crypto trading account on the Binance site.

2. After this, you should enter your email id and password and then hit on Create Account button.

3. Here for security measure, Binance asks you to complete the puzzle verification. You just have to drag and drop your mouse to complete the puzzle.

4. At this point, you have to complete the Binance Account Verification Process by checking your email and then enter the verification code given by the Binance platform.

5. Then, visit to the Buy Crypto tab which is on the left-hand side of the Dashboard and then hit on Cash Balance.

6.  In the Buy Crypto Page, you should enter the amount of funds which you want to deposit and then choose the USDT coin which you want to buy USDT with your fiat currency. Then, hit on Buy USDT button in order to finish the process. Just enter the amount of EURO for which you want to buy Tether.

7. Next, you should exchange Tether for Shiba Inu Coins.

8. After this, in the search coin query box you should search for Shiba Inu.

9. Here on the Binance market, you can trade any crypto currency which is listed on the exchange.

10. Lastly, you should scroll down and then click on market order and then hit on Buy SHIB to finish the process.

Method To Buy SHIBA INU Coin from Decentralized Exchange:

Decentralized Exchanges allows the user peer-to-peer cryptocurrencies transactions without any third-party intermediary. Decentralized exchanges prevent fake trading. Shiba Inu tokens have their decentralized exchange called ShibaSwap.

Buy SHIB tokens in ShibaSwap:

  1. First, you have to set up your Wallet out of these: Metamask, Coinbase Wallet and Wallet Connect.
    To set up your Wallet, first you should download the Metamask wallet. After this, you should hit on download now button and choose your operating system. Now, you have to sign up and create an account and here you have to fund your wallet with ETH. At this point, hit on “buy” button on the wallet and it will redirect to a page where you can purchase ETH with your credit or debit card. When it is completed, then connect your wallet to ShibaSwap.
  2. Then in the ShibaSwap website, you should click on the option of connecting your wallet.
  3. When your wallet is connected, then it will redirect to the main website. There, you will find the “Swap” button and then choose ETH in the top box and just search for Shiba Inu coin.
  4. At last, you should decide how many SHIB tokens you wish to swap your ETH for. Just select the amount and hit on “swap” button to finish the process. You will get SHIB tokens in your Metamask wallet.

Method To Buy SHIBA INU Coin on Coinbase Mobile App:

1. First, you should create a Coinbase account. For this, you should download the Coinbase app in your mobile device and begin sign up. Here, you should provide a valid ID and also the proof of address to begin the transaction.

2. After this, you should tap on the payment method box just to connect a payment method. Just choose the Credit/Debit Card method or choose Bank in case you wish to do a bank transfer.

3. At this point, visit to the “buy” tab from the list of options. Then, you will see a list of assets with a search bar on top. Here, you have to type “Shiba Inu” to open the SHIB token in the result. Just hit on it, in order to open the purchase screen.

4. After this, you should enter the amount you want to buy SHIB tokens. You can tap on preview buy button in order to confirm the details of your purchase.

5. At last, you should tap on the “buy now” button to finish the purchase. You will view that SHIB tokens will transferred to your Coinbase wallet.

With this above process, you can buy SHIBA INU Coin via Centralized and Decentralized Exchange.



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